Rain Follows the Plow: CD
  • Rain Follows the Plow: CD
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Old Sound debut album released March 2014.

An album of expansive acoustic landscapes, detailed lyrical imagery and wide-ranging harmonies depicting a story of traveling long ago through the scenes of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl.

Track Listing:
1. Shell Game (5:07)
2. String Quartet (2:51)
3. Two Midnights (1:43)
4. Night Time Fades (3:13)
5. Overdue (4:51)
6. Little Wrecking Ball (4:45)
7. Panhandle Wind (4:51)
8. Weight On Our Minds (3:13)
9. Find Your Station (2:33)
10. Been All Around This World (3:40)
11. Migrations (3:03)
12. The Ocean (3:12)
13. Blowin' In (4:25)

Produced and recorded by Phil Wade at The Alluvial Fan in Kansas City, MO. All sounds were recorded June thru December 2013. Mixed by Phil Wade and Chad Meise. Mastered by Chad Meise.

Artwork by Grady Keller at Rural Harvest - www.ruralharvest.net

Old Sound debut album released March 2014

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